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    Cant create vserver on my vDC with problem permissin denied on user ilom-user


      I cant create vServer on my vDC.


      Error below:

      05/29/2018 12:00:52 PM BRT ERROR could not perform addMembersToLogicalFabric task for com.sun.hss.domain:name=NORM-Exa-IB-Fab,type=Fabric; reason: Failed to execute command - [/opt/sun/n1gc/bin/timedexec, -t, 75, /usr/bin/expect, /opt/sun/n1gc/bin/ib_port_add.expect, -cred, /tmp/cred64 -



      05/29/2018 12:00:52 PM BRT ERROR 1d2557a:both, -port, 0010e00001d251ba:both]; exit: 251; stderr: /opt/sun/n1gc/bin/ib_port_add.expect:error: invalid password for user ilom-admin on 

      Permission denied


      Any idea?