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    Small bug: Virtual thread duplication

    Sven W.

      See this screenshot:


      It is from the JET forum and it shows one of my threads duplicated. However those two are exactly the same thread (same thread number).


      I'm not sure if this is releated to that it is one of my own threads. That's certainly why I noticed it. I also didn't notice the same misbehaviour in other sub spaces so far.


      Special is, that the first entry was the very last item (thread) shown. I then had to click on "more" to see the second duplicated thread entry. So it probably only happens after the remainder of the threads is loaded onto the page.

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          Ah, yes, it's the old issue of the "more" button/link.


          You see the threads at the state they are when you first visit the screen (let's say for example it's threads 1 to 10 in the order).  by the time you click "more" something has caused the threads to move down a position (or two etc.), so when the "more" is querying for the next set of threads to show (e.g. threads 11 to 20 in the order) then some from the first set of threads are now down in the second set of threads, so appear to be shown again.


          Something we already know happens and is just because the forum doesn't use the same sort of read-consistency that you'd expect on the Oracle database. 

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            Sven W.

            Might be this. Although I could refresh the whole page and get exactly the same behaviour. And I just double checked. The duplicated thread is still there (at least when I navigate to the Jet Forum gain).


            Which makes it way less likely that again something changed in between. Of cause it could be some kind of cache for the first page.


            Now I might have updated this there a few minutes ago (I do this all the time to correct typos). But this should have moved it onto the first page not onto the second.