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    How to create dependent lists, for example, a given State, the next field City should show only the relevant Cities for the selected state and then next field Location should show only valid locations in the selected State and selected City.


      I have referred to the following link, but there is a custom code component that is being used here, which is not available in the Visual application. How to do it in the latest version using Visual Application.




      I have created a mobile application with three BO objects, Location, Branch and Approval Code. I have uploaded the csv files used for the same here.


      I have created a page with Single-Select for these three fields and they are showing the values uploaded. However, as per the logic, Branch BO has an attribute ref2Job and Approval Code BO has two attributes ref2Branch and ref2Job.


      Now, I need to restrict the select on Branch field to show only the branches pertaining to the selected location. I tried doing this by using the "value" event. I stored the value of the location in a variable, and then I tried to map it to the q parameter in the input parameters of the branchListServiceDataProvider and then did a Fire Provider Event to refresh the list. But it doesn't reflect and shows empty list when I try this.


      Let me know how can this be achieved. It is highly urgent as we need to provide a demo soon.


      Shay Shmeltzer-Oracle  Can you please provide us a way to achieve this?