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    Using MassCancel to cancel BPA Releases


      Can anyone explain the logic used in the MassCancel program for cancelling BPA releases?  I created my program criteria from the MassCancel form as below, entered the date range of eligible BPA releases I wanted to cancel in the "Creation Date" fields, and entered the ranges of account segments in the last section.


      After this query ran and the batch was completed, I went back to "Run MassCancel", selected the batch I just created, and the form populated with all the qualifying BPAs.  I used Ctl + click to select all BPAs whose releases I needed to cancel (releases that were within the "Creation Date" date range), and ran the program.  In the test environment, this worked perfectly, using 11/1/16-11/30/17 as my date range.  For example, I had a BPA created on 10/1/17, and releases created from 10/1/17 through 4/5/18, and the program correctly cancelled only releases that were created within the "Creation Date" range.  It also did not cancel the BPA itself (which was created within the "Creation Date" range).  I thought I was pretty smart...


      So when I ran it with the same criteria in Production, I noticed that in a few cases the program cancelled releases outside of the "Creation Date".  In most cases, it did not.  So...there is either  a bug or something where the program is executing inconsistently, or I don't understand logic it applies to BPA releases.


      Before I declare a bug, I'm hoping someone may be able to definitively explain how the MassCancel logic is applied for BPA releases.