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    How to develop a new JMC 6 JFR Plugin?

    Isuru Perera



      I have a project to generate Flame Graphs from Java Flight Recording (https://github.com/chrishantha/jfr-flame-graph ). However, with that project, it's difficult to generate Flame Graphs for a given time range.


      Now, I want to develop a JFR plug-in, which can generate Flame Graphs for Hot Methods, Allocations etc. Basically from the UI, we should be able to select a time range for Hot Methods, Allocations etc., and the plugin will generate a Flame Graph using stack samples in the selected range. Is it possible to do that from a plug-in?


      Is there any documentation on how to develop a plugin? Since there are several experimental plugins for JMC 6.0, I guess there should be at least some documentation on how to develop a plugin for JMC 6.0 (even though it's not official supported).


      Are there any open source plugins? If there are any open source plugins, I can take a look at the code and figure out how those plugins were developed.


      Thank you.