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    Warning   841: Cannot detach data store shared-memory segment, error 2

    ky lee



      I am using TimesTen, and hitting this warning very frequent, when I tried to exit from ttisql. The error number sometime is 0.

      The system is running TimesTen database with 20GB permsize, only 1 table having heavy operations. Active records in the table are around 50 millions, it is having 2 million records deleted and 2 millions records inserted per hour.

      The perm size in use is around 10GB.

      Do the ttcompact commands help on this scenario?


      Not sure if this is relevant, the system is having few TimesTen datastore running at a same time, total permsize of all datastore is double machine available memory. Swap space are plenty.

      Reason is that the applications can still running when we have unexpected high traffic, but once the traffics are low and records are processed (deleted), things will back to normal.