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    Issue with Compulsory inclusion [+] operator


      I thought I would throw this one out there to see if I get any bites. Here is the issue...

      We allow users to enter in any full-text search term with any of the special operators, such as inclusion +, exclusion -, and phrases " ". The term is parsed by the search API and the results are returned.

      One document contains the following phrases:

      "Aggressive Working Capital management"
      "Regression Analysis"

      If the user enters in either of the following queres, results are returned:

      "Aggressive Working Capital management" +"Regression Analysis"
      "Aggressive Working Capital management" + "Regression Analysis"

      However, if the first phrase is preceeded by the inclusion operator, no results are returned:

      +"Aggressive Working Capital management" +"Regression Analysis"

      What's strange is that if either phrase is run by itselft, with the leading inclusion operator, the document is returned. Adding both phrases together, with the leading inclusion, returns 0 resutls.

      Here are the expanded queries:

      Example 1: (Works correctly)
      "Aggressive Working Capital management" +"Regression Analysis"

      ((((({Aggressive Working Capital management}&(({Regression Analysis})*10)*10)*3,(({Aggressive Working Capital management}&(({Regression Analysis})*10)*10)within u)*2,((({Aggressive Working Capital management}&(({Regression Analysis})*10)*10)WITHIN S2),(({

      Example 2: (No results returned - Note the leading +)
      +"Aggressive Working Capital management" +"Regression Analysis"

      ((((({Aggressive Working Capital management};{Regression Analysis})*3,(({Aggressive Working Capital management};{Regression Analysis})within u)*2,((({Aggressive Working Capital management};{Regression Analysis})WITHIN S2),(({Aggressive Working Capital man

      I have read through the documentation and have been unable to find an answer as to why the leading inclusion operator breaks a FT query with two phrases.

      Thanks in advance.

      Oracle, could you please comment?

      - Stephen