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    Is it possible to create (or delete) aggregates via "Administration > Issue SQL"?


      I know it's not an official Oracle book, but as per "Oracle Business Intelligence 11g R1 Cookbook" by Cuneyt Yilmaz (Packt Publishing), after you've generated an aggregate creation script via the Aggregate Persistence Wizard, you can run the script via nqcmd *or* via Presentation Services "Administration > Issue SQL".


      However, even if I try a simple command such as "delete aggregates" (or any aggregate creation statements) I always get an error. However, issuing some simple analysis SQL via the same method works just fine.


      The error is "Authentication failed: invalid user/password".


      When I check the EM log I get OWS-04086. (Can't seem to paste the error message into this box?).


      I've done some googling and it suggests an issue with WSM_POLICY mismatch, which I shall look into.


      However, I was wondering if anyone can confirm if it's definitely possible to create or delete aggregates via this method?


      If so, is there any Oracle documentation confirming this approach?