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    unable to launch gnome-terminal when have  export LANG=C  in user's .profile


      solaris 11.4 beta1  x86


      installed from usb image


      solaris-desktop installed


      shell for my non-root account is bash


      I select 'Gnome Classic'  when logging in.


      if I put

         export LANG=C

      in my .profile in my home directory then I am unable to launch gnome-terminal either by

           - clicking on Applications / Favorites / Terminal


           - right clicking on the background and selecting   Open Terminal


      If I logout, comment out the export line (via an ssh into the machine from another machine), and then log back in the Terminal comes up just fine with both methods.


      Why do I care?   I like the output of ls better when LANG=C than when LANG=en_US.UTF-8