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    Organization Access Parameter


      Currently, the client has two Org's set up, one is the OU Org and one is the MRO (Inventory/EAM enabled Org).


      They have a role for iProcurement.


      When they go in to the iProcurement responsibility, it is taking them to the OU Org vs the MRO Org.


      When they go to a requisition that has a Work Order on it, they would like it to be hyperlinked so they can view the Work Order Details.


      I can get my link to work if they go to iProcurement through EAM as they are in the MRO Org at that point but if they go directly through iProcurement it won't work as the iProcurement responsibility doesn't have Org Access to the MRO Org. They don't want to give Org Access to the MRO Org for the iProcurement responsibility.


      My question is, is there any parameter I can put in the URL to give Org Access to the MRO Organization for the iProcurement responsibility so they can see the Work Order Details?