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    Error with the use of java -jar ords.war install


      Dear All.


      I have Apex 5 installed and running already on a Windows 7 Professional environment running JDK 9.


      While trying to install ORDS using the command: D:\ords18.>java -jar ords.war standalone, the error message below occurred. What should I do to fix it?


      -jar: illegal argument
      usage: java [-options] class

      where options include:
          -help             print out this message
          -version          print out the build version
          -v -verbose       turn on verbose mode
          -debug            enable remote JAVA debugging
          -noasyncgc        don't allow asynchronous garbage collection
          -verbosegc        print a message when garbage collection occurs
          -noclassgc        disable class garbage collection
          -ss<number>       set the maximum native stack size for any thread
          -oss<number>      set the maximum Java stack size for any thread
          -ms<number>       set the initial Java heap size
          -mx<number>       set the maximum Java heap size
          -classpath <directories separated by semicolons>
                            list directories in which to look for classes
          -prof[:<file>]    output profiling data to .\java.prof or .\<file>
          -verify           verify all classes when read in
          -verifyremote     verify classes read in over the network [default]
          -noverify         do not verify any class
          -nojit            disable JIT compiler


      Thank you.

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