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    error starting oracle linux


      hi am having this error when starting oracle linux


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          What happens if you boot the system choosing another kernel at startup?

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            the same error show

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              That very first line of the screen shot explains what to do: unmount the filesystem and run xfs_repair on it.  The problem is that the filesystem was unmounted uncleanly and needs to be scanned before being used again, to correct its internal structure.  This is this likely your root filesystem, you will need to boot into rescue mode (google it) and then run xfs_repair on your root filesystem.


              XFS is a fairly robust filesystem that can usually be revived using the xfs_repair(8) tool.  About the only thing it won't fix is a corrupted filesystem superblock.  At least XFS makes backup superblocks, some more up-to-date than others.  Personally if xfs_repair refuses to access the filesystem, I don't bother messing about with the backup superblocks and immediately opt for a scrape 'n reformat.


              Without being able to see the whole console output, it is difficult to say precisely but I don't think you have superblock problems, so xfs_repair should be able to return this to service.

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                am geting comand not found