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    Max Date


      Hi, I have a requirement like this


      I want to display Max Effective Date and corresponding Plan Description in the report.(One ID one record only)

      The result should be like this in report:




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          Joel Acha

          You could filter the report using the RANK function.


          For instance, RANK(eff date BY ID) = 1.

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            Robert Angel

            Depending on your logical model you may also be able to create a measure in the rpd for this by creating a max based measure on effective date and then associating that with the ID by pinning it in your dimension hierarchy to that level; this is why I say depending on your logical model.


            On your description, you might be able to create a logical function to achieve a lookup on this in your rpd, associated with the 'Plan' with the max date, but without knowing what that is I can advise further.



            Alternatively, you could create another analysis with only the max effective date and plan description (if that is possible in your current subject area) and use that to filter the content in your 'outer' analysis.


            Your data model seems odd in that I would expect only one description per plan unless this is some kind of SCD?


            If it is a SCD then you should have effective from / effective to type dates and (hopefully) a unique PK value for all combinations thereof, depending on the type of the SCD it may be possible to you have some kind of 'live' SCD indicator.


            If none of this is helpful then please provide more detail on your existing subject area and / or business model layer.

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              Hello GSR,

              I think you can also use max(date) and then group by all other attributes...

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                Robert Angel

                Simple, but not what he is after, this would yield 2 lines for Simloa and Donnel, he only wants 1 line each...

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                  Thanks Robert...

                  Seriously how can I miss that record... my bad.

                  I would go with Joel's solution of using Rank function... simple and effective as the requirement is to get just the top record by date for each ID..

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                    Thank yo so much Joel. Its working.