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    IF .. apply to numerous accounts

    Teresa Modesta



      fix(FY18, Jan:Oct, Working, Budget, @relative("Cost Centre",0), @relative(Entity,0), AccountA, AccountB, AccountC, AccountD, AccountE, AccountF, AccountG, AccountH, AccountN, AccountV, AccountQ, AccountL)



      &currbudget (

         IF ("open month"->"BegBalance" == 11)

                  &currbudget = #missing;







      I tried the above, where &currbudget is a sparse dimension and AccountA, B, etc are dense.


      The syntax is brief, but the result is very slow running, never break on the wisdom of IF on dense - yes!


      Is there no way in a business rule to apply the same IF statement to a large block of accounts to replicate the result that I am trying to get ahead, with multiplying the IFs by 12 - in practise it is more than twelve...



      Anybody going to make my day a better one?


      thank you!!!!