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    [Update] BI Publisher Catalog Permissions can't be clicked for some reports


      Hi all,


      I have an Oracle BI Publisher ( environment in Windows x64 bit.

      Currently, I'm encountered an issue where I could not click "Permissions" in the catalog. The weird thing is this issue happened for some of the reports only.

      Any idea what could have happened?

      Any hint would be much appreciated.

      Thank you in advance!

      Update: It's not exactly I could not click the "Permission", but it doesn't pop out when I click. Sorry for the confusion.


      NOTE: My previous post has been moved under BI Publisher, but seems like BI Publisher is not accessible anymore thus can't do anything.

      Please send me an email: xinzx@yahoo.com if you have any comment or workaround, I will be very happy to hear it from you. I will reply to you. Thank you!