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    ADF Patch 25113405 for EPM


      Hello All,


      As per post Post Configuration Requirements of EPM (Essbase and Planning), below patch need to be applied to our Hyperion Planning and Essbase environment.

      From The Doc,

      "After installing and configuring, do the following:

      1. Apply ADF Patch 24113405. This ADF patch is required for Release"

      2. Install WebLogic Patch p20780171_1036_Generic(EJUW).


      My Question is.

      Based on Oracle Doc (ID 2405036.1) The Correct ADF Patch is 25113405 and while applying the same to our environment we encounter a patch conflict error as below

      Patch [25113405 ] conflict with patch(es) [ 20326778 ] in the Oracle Home.


      Kindly let me know if we can roll back 20326778 and proceed with the patch 25113405.