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    Low performance


      May this issue cause the rules (calc manager) and the queries in Smart View from the Planning connection to go very slow?


      Tahnk you in advance!

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          I assume you are talking about the performance of a server? if so then yes it can.





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            What version of Hyperion (Including patch level)(e.g HP,Calc Manager or are you cloud PBCS?

            Is this a new environment?

            Was it always this way or did it just start occurring?

            What changed prior to the issue?

            What feedback did Oracle provide after you opened your Oracle SR?

            Are all users experiencing the issue or just those in a certain area(e.g Latin America)

            Have you had your IT team restart the enviroment?

            Is the issue on both your PROD and Test environments?

            What all have you done to troubleshoot so far?

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              The performance of the server is OK. I am talking about the performance of Planning. It seems to be a problem in the "connection" between Planning and Essbase, so when I try to launch something fromPlanning that implies a query in the Essbase database, it lasts a lot (we are talking that now a simple query in Smart View can last up to 30-40 seconds and before it lasted 1 second).


              We simply applied an increment of the RAM memory from 16GB TO 32GB to the Planning/EPMA/CalcMgr/Foundation server, but in principle it has not implied a change in the Hyperion configuration. They told me that they had some problems and that they had to recover a backup of the Unit C of the server (but Hyperion is installed in another Unit, i.e. D). We also increased some Heaps Size of the Planning and Essbase services in order to take advantage of the increment fo the RAM memory of the Planning Server.


              The versions ar the following:

              Calculation Manager -

              Oracle Hyperion Planning, Fusion Edition -

              Oracle Hyperion Provider Services -

              Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Architect, Fusion Edition -

              Oracle Essbase Administration Services


              The issue is experimented by all the users. The IT team has restarted the server a lot of times and always the same. The issue just happens in the Production environment, which is the one that we have change the RAM memory, but the Test environment works as always.


              Any suggestion? The IT team doesn't understand why a simple increment in RAM memory can imply a reduce in performance.

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                An increase in memory should not cause the performance issues you are seeing, though I think there is more to it with the following statement


                3407750 wrote:


                They told me that they had some problems and that they had to recover a backup of the Unit C of the server (but Hyperion is installed in another Unit, i.e. D).

                You need to ascertain whether the server is operating as it should be, I don't know what has been done to the server but it doesn't sound as smooth as a simple memory upgrade.

                It could even be that the servers are virtual and changes were made to resource allocation, without investigating in more detail it is not easy to say what has happened.

                I think you need to spend some time getting into the detail or get somebody in to perform a health check on the system.

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                  As all of you told me, the upgrade RAM memory was not as smooth as it sounded.


                  There was a problem with the configuration of the DNS suffix that made to work slowly the connection between the servers (ie. Planning and Essbase).


                  Solved! Thank you for your help and your time.