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    Test Emails not being delivered



      Test Emails I am sending aren't being delivered ... I would raise an SR but the instance I have hasn't got a support log in (it is a different instance).

      Does anyone know why this could be or if there is something wrong status - wise?



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          Carmaine Cotham

          Is this a new instance of Eloqua you are using? Have you been able to receive test messages before? If it is a new one, then maybe you IT department needs to whitelist the IP address so that you can receive test messages.


          If you haven't had any problem previously, I know that there was a system problem a couple of weeks ago but that has been resolved. We were impacted by the for a couple of days which was really frustrating. However, I checked the Eloqua Status page (Eloqua System Status ) and it didn't indicate anything.


          You should still be able to call Eloqua Support and get their assistance, even using the customer support identifier for your other instance, I believe.


          Sorry I couldn' be more help!

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