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      Hello Support, I have created one sudo program to validate my segment value. after creating a function in database I supplied correct segment values but my function return false. so could you please advise what I am doing wrong here. CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION APPS.XXX_VALIDATE_CCID ( P_CONCAT_SEGS IN VARCHAR2 ) RETURN VARCHAR2 IS L_STATUS BOOLEAN; L_COA_ID NUMBER; BEGIN SELECT CHART_OF_ACCOUNTS_ID INTO L_COA_ID FROM GL_SETS_OF_BOOKS WHERE SET_OF_BOOKS_ID = 2141; L_STATUS := FND_FLEX_KEYVAL.VALIDATE_SEGS( 'CHECK_SEGMENTS', 'SQLGL', 'GL#', L_COA_ID, P_CONCAT_SEGS, 'V', SYSDATE, 'ALL', NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, FALSE,FALSE, NULL, NULL, NULL); IF L_STATUS THEN RETURN 'S'; ELSE RETURN 'F'; END IF; END ; /