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    OBIEE ANSWERS --Deployed folder pdf files


      We have OBIEE linux system with a custom folder deployed and  accessible to OBIEE bi cluster. We upload pdf files and there are dashboards that users can view the pdf files. The user decided they wanted to be able to scp new pdf files into the folder and view then in real time. If the pdf files have a new name the pdf is accessible immediately; however if the pdf file is an update to an existing pdf it is not visible.  I tried to reload the metadata and files but still receive an error that the file is corrupt or cannot be displayed. After an unspecified amount of time the file is visible from the dashboard. Cache is turned off  for the system for testing. The errors in the bi_server1 log say the file is not found but it is there and if I rename it I can see it.

      I wonder if this is just because the processes have loaded the metadata in memory and on the fly upload causes issues, anyone have an idea how I can refresh without restarting processes ( obis1 or obips1)