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    Oracle APEX 18.1 - Development VM - SpeedUP!


      Hello APEX Community,


      First of all, I would like to thank APEX team for Database Virtual Box Appliance / Virtual Machine.


      However, if I import the OVA to my computer, then run it. It is running slow!


      I know that Dynamically Sized disk is size-effective but bad in performance.


      That's why I searched the internet for a solution and found one. Simply, after importing the OVA, clone Dynamically sized disks to Fixed-size disks which are better in performance. Then delete the old ones.


      The Problem

      The process is so long and that is the problem.


      The question

      Is there any solution or workaround with VirtualBox OVA to change its disks from Dynamic to Fixed before importing.


      Any help is appreciated.





      Patrick Wolf-Oracle