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    Just two simple questions.


    1. Is there anyway to force PBCS business rules to run in the background without the user waiting for them, I want to use Cameron Larkspurs' tactic of launching partial aggregations based on form updates and don't want the end user to have to wait for the script to finish


    2. My current aggregation is heavily variable in terms of time it takes, even when there is no other visible load on my system. Sometimes 30 seconds, sometimes 4-5 minutes. Is this just the joys of cloud, competing for use of physical CPUs in a server farm?

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        For the first question, the following support doc may be of use:

        PBCS: Long Running Rules are Not Executed in the Background (Doc ID 2339756.1)


        For the second, if you are sure the rule is calculating the same amount of data, creating same blocks etc but the running time is widely different then you should take it up with Oracle as they manage the service. I would expect such fluctuations if everything is the same each time the rule is run.

        You should also be able to see in the activity reports if there are high utilisation on resources, though it may not tell the full picture as that might just be virtual machine and not the resources on the host.





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          Larry's Friday Girl

          Thank you.


          On the first one as an enhancement request is there any way to add your vote as a an Oracle customer to give it more 'weight'?


          Understood on the second.


          Thanks again you are a treasure to the EPM community, we all owe you big time,



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            I suppose you could log an SR, the more SR's they get then hopefully it will move faster.

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              Larry's Friday Girl

              Okay, you have more faith in SRs than me but it is worth a shot!