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    EBS database preupgrade_fixups.sql


      EBS 12.0.6


      Upgrading to




      Hi ALL,


      As part of the upgrade process, I am now on steps to run >> preupgrade_fixups.sql


      $ sqlplus / as sysdba


      SQL> @/mnt/data/d01/oracle/PPAPROD/cfgtoollogs/ORADBNEW/preupgrade/preupgrade_fixups.sql


      Pre-Upgrade Fixup Script Generated on 2018-06-13 06:03:28  Version: Build: 006

      Beginning Pre-Upgrade Fixups...

      Executing in container PPAPROD




      Check Summary: Verify compatible parameter value is valid

      Fix Summary:   "compatible" parameter must be increased manually prior to upgrade.


      Fixup Returned Information:

      ERROR: --> Compatible set too low


           "compatible" currently set at 10.2.0 and must

           be set to at least 11.0.0 prior to upgrading the database.

           Do not make this change until you are ready to upgrade

           because a downgrade back to 10.2 is not possible once compatible

           has been raised.


           Update your init.ora or spfile to make this change.





      Where do I set the above parameter? Is it on source   or  on target   init.ora?



      Please help...



      Kind regards,


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