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    Redirect to another modal on page render

    Scott Wesley

      I'm happy with conditional branching, I think it's great.

      But there seems to be occasional time where I would like to branch after some 'before header' processes have executed, and from within a modal page.

      ie - open a modal, then have that modal make a decision, redirecting to another modal if true.

      The only branch position available is prior to and PL/SQL processes.


      I can work around the problem by

      - Using the branch condition to call my page initialisation code, then returning true/false - a little unnatural, but good enough

      - Have two conditional buttons on the calling page, condition already calculated - unnecessarily early

      - do something with a dynamic action - I'd rather not


      But it would be handy to be able to redirect using a mechanism described here I Love APEX: How to redirect to another page using PL/SQL in Apex




      Which is now bundled in apex_util.redirect_url

      When used within a page modal, I get an error.


      Application 102 Dialog page 16 cannot be rendered successfully. Ensure the page template in use on page 16 is of template type "Dialog page", with appropriate JavaScript dialog initialization, dialog closure and dialog cancel code defined.


      As John suggested, modals are hard, and maybe there is no answer for this

      Branching to Modal

      Sven also suggsets there may be the odd requirement for this, but doesn't offer a solution in this case

      Re: How do you conditionally REDIRECT using PLSQL?


      Is there another PL/SQL solution to this, besides my first described workaround?


      I'm currently on 5.1.3.