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    Not able to set Page Item Display Only value from previous page

    Syed Shakir-Oracle

      Hi Team,


      I'm working on requirement where I've list of groups in select list and selecting a group and clicking on Add Row button would take me to different page where I've other items including group item (Display Only). I'm using the redirect page in this application for the Add Row button (previous page button ) behavior.

      As part of redirection I'm setting two page items

      one is from the select list group name to the display only item in the new page.

      and the other item is page id to the hidden item in the new page


      I'm getting the page id in the hidden item on the new page, but I'm not getting the select list item to the display only page item of new page.

      sometimes it's getting null and sometimes it's getting the old value from cache(probably).


      Could you please suggest your inputs and let me know in case of any more information is required please?



      Syed Shakir