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    Form Notification Email Delays



      I had a form notification come through today at 14:00 of a submission that was submitted at around 9am ... does anyone know why there could be such a delay and how could I change this if I can?



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          Bob at Elemental Marketing

          Was the email sent exactly 5 hours after the form was submitted, and does this happen consistently on every form submit? If so it may be something to do with how Eloqua looks at time zones. Form Submission Data and notifications are processed in Eastern Time, but when form submission data is viewed in Eloqua, the submission time will be your Eloqua user's timezone. So if you are -5 hours compared to Eastern Time, that explains why you see the difference. The form may in fact have been submitted at 14:00 your time, but you see it at 9 your time because you are 5 hours behind (or ahead, I always get confused...)


          See this post for all the details on how timezones work across Eloqua (and realise how bizarre it is that this is how it works...):

          Time Zones Across Eloqua