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    EBS integration with SSO using accessgate-webgate


      We are using  Mod-osso integration for EBS 12.1.2 with SSO and Oracle asked us to move to EBS accessgate.our environment - EBS: 12.1.2,DB: move forward we plan to install separate webgate access manager: and apply the patch: Patch 25463534 to our EBS 12.1.2 for manual integration.we referred the document: 1484024.1

      These are the steps to be performed but we couldnt find the EBS patch for accessgate 1.3.3. but can only find the patch:9454600 for access gate:1.0.1

      1. EBS apps 12.1.2: Apply patch 9454600( this patch is for Access gate: 1.0.1)

      2.Install WebLogic server : which will host E-Business Suite Access Gate and create weblogic domain.

      3.Install OHS 11g server:install OHS which will host webgate and also act as proxy server for WebLogic

      4. Download 1.3.3 should work. Patch 27288875 on WebLogic Server machine.

      5.Configure the Configure EBS-AD synchronization using webgate-access gate.