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    Merging the results of one analysis in to another


      First time caller...


      I've recently been given access to Oracle Business Intelligence in order to pull off data and build analysis and dashboards etc I'm new to the world of OBIEE but have previous experience with SAP Business Objects.


      What I want to do, and apologies if this has been asked on another post (I have searched), is pull in details from one analysis result in to another. Within Business Objects is what as simple as writing 2 queries, merging the common variables, and then pulling in data from both reports to combine.


      What I have at the moment, as an example, is one analysis from subject area containing; Order Number, Order Value and Project Number. In another subject area I have my organisations hierarchy, for example; Project number, Business Unit and region. What I want to do is, based the common variable 'Project Number', is pull in the business unit and region from the second analysis in to the table on the first analysis so I have; Order number, order value, project number, business unit and region.


      I don't want to export both analysis to Excel and do a vlookup, index/match etc as I want to pull everything in to one report from the start.


      is this possible?