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    Unshared Worksheet is blocking Connection pane


      In SQL Developer 18.1, Running a long job in  Unshared Worksheet blocks the "parent" connection branch in the Connection, like it was using the main connection and not a specific connection for that Worksheet. I'm also unable to open new unshared Worksheets while the procedure is running. This used to work quite fine before.





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          Can you provide a demonstrating scenario?


          Unshared Worksheet:









          Click over to main connection:

          select 1 from dual;


          Runs with no problems.


          This was in v18.1

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            Thank you for a quick answer, it actually helped me to realize that there was an extra condition for this problem I just missed. The primary connection was dead because the computer just came back from sleep or moved between WiFi and ethernet,


            So the way to reproduce is like this:

            1. Open a connection.
            2. Sabotage network connection somehow, without resetting it in SQL developer
            3. Open a Unshared Worksheet
              1. Execute some long running PL/SQL block 
            4. In primary connection do a simple query, it will tell you it needs to reset the connection. ( I don't remember it informing me before but I might have forgotten about it)

            Now the primary connection waits for the unshared connection to finish.


            Now when I know the precondition to this problem I should be able to avoid it in the future, so you might not want to spend to much time on it.