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    Oracle Cloud


      I have received 2 mail so far to my home address.I have got free training on Oracle from Nikhil Raj.I have my name in the AICTE list of Reviewers and ACM reviewers list.My CV Draft Application has been submitted to Manager of Infosys through Nivethitha Saminathan,Senior System Engineer of Infosys.I have got my placed in Oracle Cloud group.I have managed 94 rank in Devops Engineer test conducted by Oracle.I have got the Project of Tata Power through Freelancer.com.I have also 1 journal & 1 Book published so far.I have Master's from Birla Institute Of Technology ,Mesra.I have last given training in Raipur Institute of Technology.I belongs to Debari Class.I am now working as a Database Administrator in a Private Company in Kolkata.I have working as a Client-Tele.My work basically is to Build reports in Oracle Report Builder of Materials ERP Module.We have a Business also.They have understand my concerns and giving me the opportunity to sit for VSAT Exam.This is so far.....