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    Problems upgrading


      I'm trying to upgrade from 12.2.1, to  When I try to run the reconfig.sh gui, I point it to the domain and it tells me that it's already at the latest version, then exits.

      I'm not a weblogic guru, this was just tasked out to me to tackle.  I've actually never managed it before.  I've been trying to research this on my own for a couple of days now. 

      I downloaded the admin handbook, and it talks about doing XYZ in a fashion that it seems to expect that you know how to do the individual tasks already.

      I've been reading up on the web.  One document says to do it "this way", and then the very next document says DO NOT do it that way, do it this way instead, and so on....resulting in an cyclic epic no where.


      Does anyone know of a very effective document that shows how to do this?  I'm at a complete loss, and not being able to gain ground looking kind of foolish.