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    Requisition Date & PO Date not before 7 days

    Iftikhar A

      Dear All


      We are using PSFSCM 9.2 PT 8.53 with no image update. Kindly review the below screenshot as when we try to add a receipt we forcefully changed the date back to +7 days


      and the system gives error and didn't let us proceed any further when we press Ok to proceed at the bottom of above screen, the following error pops up and we've left with not other choice than to choose a date within 7 days




      We would like to have the same functionality in requisition and PO, if a user forcefully changes the date to -7 days system should give error and don't let the user proceed how to achieve this is our query. For additional information only below are the screenshots of the requisition and PO and the forceful change by user is highlighted (but note system isn't giving any error message and thus a user could enter a requisition or PO in previous -7 days:



      PO just for information purpose: