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    Oracle OCM 11g Course Requirements




      I used Oracle 9i RAC course to complete my OCP 9i certification requirements.

      I would like to ask you If it possible to use the Oracle 12c RAC classroom training as one course for Oracle OCM 11g certification?


      On OCM certification is written as requirement the followings:


      Candidates must complete TWO of the advanced courses below. Courses used to fulfill the OCP training requirement may not be used again to fulfill the OCM training requirement. Must be different courses and not 2 versions of the same course.


      So the last sentence means that the 2 courses used for OCM can not be the 2 versions of the same course? And the one of the course used for OCM 11g can be the same but different versions (in my case RAC 9i and RAC 12c) like the one used for OCP 9i?

      Or can I not use the same course but different versions for OCM what was used for OCP?


      Thanks for the answare.




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          Brandye Barrington-Oracle

          Hi Norbert,

          You may use the 12c version of any course that is on the 11g OCM approved courses list to fulfill the training requirement. The statement that you mention above means that you cannot use the same course to fulfill OCM training requirements that you used to fulfill OCP training requirements.


          If you've completed RAC 9i and RAC 12c, you can use the 12c version, but you cannot use the 9i version. You can use a training version that is later than the certification version you are pursuing, but not an earlier version of training.


          I hope this clears things up a bit for you.



          Brandye Barrington

          Oracle Certification Program

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