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    Location of security realm files

    Charles M

      Hi All -


      Does anyone know where these files are located?





      I've been able to find a few of the others. Here's how I get them (connection details not shown):


      cd ('/DomainServices/DomainRuntimeService/DomainConfiguration/bifoundation_domain/SecurityConfiguration/bifoundation_domain/DefaultRealm/myrealm/AuthenticationProviders/DefaultAuthenticator')

      cmo.exportData('DefaultAtn','/home/applmgr/user_reporting/obia_dr_sync/DefaultAuthenticator.dat', Properties())

      cd ('/DomainServices/DomainRuntimeService/DomainConfiguration/bifoundation_domain/SecurityConfiguration/bifoundation_domain/DefaultRealm/myrealm/Authorizers/XACMLAuthorizer')

      cmo.exportData('DefaultAtz','/home/applmgr/user_reporting/obia_dr_sync/defaultAtz.dat', Properties())

      cd ('/DomainServices/DomainRuntimeService/DomainConfiguration/bifoundation_domain/SecurityConfiguration/bifoundation_domain/DefaultRealm/myrealm/RoleMappers/XACMLRoleMapper')

      cmo.exportData('DefaultRoles','/home/applmgr/user_reporting/obia_dr_sync/defaultRoles.dat', Properties())




      But, I can't seem to track down the others. We're trying to export these to our server, so that we can send them over to our DR instance, via rsync. I know this can be done from the admin console, but it can be scripted better if we can pull them down from the command line. By the way, I'm assuming we need all of these to do an import on the other side? This is necessary to ensure we have all of the users if/when we need to bring up the DR instance.