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    Balance Score card tables


      Hi All,


      Please I would like to know what tables does oracle balance scare card stores objective scores and kpi scores. Does it store them in a table or just displays them in a fly?



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          Thomas Dodds

          Short answer is that OSSM doesn't store data, but rather leverages the BI Foundation's Semantic layer ... but with more clarity from you we might be able to give you a better answer - or guide you to a solution that meets the need.


          If you are asking about a Scorecard Object ... that is a collection of files in the catalog -- I expanded the Scorecard in the sample app v406 and it shows the various perspectives, initiatives, trees & maps associated with the scorecard.


          2018-06-25 08_05_03-OBIEE SampleApp v406 [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox.png

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            Thank you for the information. All i want to know if OSSM stores kpi scores and objective scores.

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              Robert Angel

              No values are stored, it is all on the fly.


              if you need to capture them at a point in time then you could easily view the physical sql using the logs and use that as the basis of an ETL to capture your KPI at a moment in time - all of which would be 'custom' ETL development.