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    opportunity tracker


      Hello All,


      i am using APEX for the first time and i wanted to test out the opportunity tracker packaged application. i have created 2 users but i cannot seem to find how to invite them to use the application.


      anyone with an idea on how i should go about this??


      Thanks in Advance.



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          Hilary Farrell-Oracle



          By default, the Packaged Apps are installed using the Application Express Accounts authentication scheme.  For more details on that specific authentication scheme, I recommend taking a look at section Application Express Accounts of the User's Guide.  This type of authentication is based upon the workspace users.  So much like your own account, to log into your workspace, the users you wish to have access to the app in question must exist as users in your workspace.  For specifics on creating users, take a look at Managing Users in a Workspace in the Admin Guide.


          I hope this helps.