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    OBIEE Evaluate function issue




      I am having some issues with the Evaluate function in my analysis in OBIEE.  The problem is that some accounts are missing from the details. OBIEE seems to be taking the whole line as if it was « Null but that is not the case.


      Here’s an example. See that for the column « Réel (année préc.) » the total of Charges (account C82300) of -197 does not match with its detail. The only detail that is shown is the account C82350 with an amount of 4. That’s
      because the account 823002 is not shown with its amount of -201.


      I have built a custom analys is to see if the amount was missing from OBIEE or not and noticed that it should be available. The difference between this account and the others is that both the Réel and Budget columns are null. I verified with Hyperion and I saw other cases like that where the account will be msissing if the Réel and Budget are null.


      I have also modified another version of this analysis s that I could unsuppress all the null values. As you can see below, this row appears as completely null while it should contain the previous -201.


      I also noticed that the amount is reappearing if I exclude the calculated columns « Budget (Total de l’année) » and Anticipx+xx (Total de l’année) » from the analysis (these columns are built using the Evaluate function).