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    rapid cloning and sec_case_sensitive_logon


      EBS R12.1.3 running on Linux RHEL 7 using a database on the db tier and a seperate app tier server.

      Here's my scenario:

      - clone the database using RMAN

      - run @adupdlib.sql so

      - run perl adcfgclone.pl dbconfig

      - I then find my init parameter files get modified and I seem to loose my sec_case_sensitive_logon=TRUE setting (seems to flip to FALSE)

      if I don't specifically take steps to make sure it stick by using an ifile.


      Does that make any sense?


      Now after the fact I find that one instance is set incorrectly.  For example:

      SQL> show parameter case

      NAME                                 TYPE        VALUE

      ------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------

      sec_case_sensitive_logon             boolean     FALSE


      sqlplus apps/mixedcasepassword works <- check

      sqlplus apps/anycaseworks <-- not good


      If I try and flip it back to sec_case_sensitive_logon=TRUE now apps can't login.  Am I missing something?

      Is it in my sqlnet_ifile.ora that needs to be adjusted?



      On a related note my Prod database does not seem to have 'sec_case_sensitive_logon=TRUE' set anywhere (ie. not in spfile, pfile or ifile) and yet it is set to TRUE.

      I think it is in fact a deprecated parameter so how do I remove it yet enable it?

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          The parameter sec_case_sensitive_logon should be set to false.


          Database Initialization Parameters for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 (Doc ID 396009.1)

          bde_chk_cbo.sql - EBS initialization parameters - Healthcheck (Doc ID 174605.1)




          #       Database Passwords - Case Sensitivity (11g feature)


          #       Database password case sensitivity is a new feature available with 11g database.

          #       But as Applications tier do not support case sensitive database passwords, till

          #       then this feature cannot be used by default and set to FALSE.


          #       To Enable/ Disable set SEC_CASE_SENSITIVE_LOGON to TRUE/ FALSE




          sec_case_sensitive_logon = FALSE


          If you want to set it to true, ensure you have followed the steps from the note below:


          Patch 12964564:R12.FND.B - Enabling the Oracle Database 11g Case-Sensitive Password Feature for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1+ (Doc ID 1581584.1)

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            I do recall some of the info you provided now that you've highlighted it.  I will refer to it thanks and likely close this post with your correct answer.

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              For the record I was able to figure out that after changing to sec_case_sensitive_logon=TRUE that my apps password was in ALL CAPS so just used the all caps version of my password via FNDCPASS to change it to what I wanted.