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    Problem Loading Files (CSS/ Images)



      i have a Oracle SE with APEX 18.1 and ords 18.1.

      We had some Problems with ords and decided to switch to a new machine with a fresh Installation (after 5 years a good idea anyway)

      But, the Problems are still existing ...grrrrrr


      1. Loading Images in "Worksspace Images" or "App Images" doesn´t work.

      That means, i can upload it, i can see it in the overview Windows (cause there is the Package used for getting the image with apex_???.get_blob_src( ....);

      But putting the image in a Region does not work, cause there is the Rest path used /r/7/.../image.png


      2. Opening the Theme Roller: Chaning the colors of the Regions works until i close the Theme Roller. Then when i close the Theme Roller Window the css File 2163526352163.css (or whatever) is missing.

      apex_rest_config.sql is installed.


      The Question is: How can i check the Functionality of Rest ?


      Thanks, Marco