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    30+ Business Units




      We are in the process of implementing Oracle FinancialsCcloud of a client. They have extremely strict data sharing policies within their business so far as to one location's purchasing manager can't see another locations purchases etc. this is the same for all business functions. We are going to enable segment value security to help with securing data, however, it seems to be that we are forced into creating 30+ business units to accommodate the business requirement. If we are forced to do this, I am scared of the effect it will have on the environment e.g. slow it down and it will require a lot of maintenance for the company after implementation.


      ** the client will have a full suite of Oracle Financials, Procurement, SCM....**


      Does anyone have a suggestion to help solve the BU issue? We want to keep them to a minimum but maintain the same level of security.

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          J Reinhart

          Would it be feasible to use separate operating units instead of whole business groups?  With one business group and 30 operating units, you could have Manager1 seeing only purchase orders in OU1, Manager2 seeing only purchase orders in OU2, and BigBoss seeing purchase orders in both (if that would ever be a need).  This separation works for all the finance modules, projects, purchasing, and sales orders.  If you want to isolate inventory, you could have 30 Validation organizations, each inventory organization can only see the inventory items enabled in its validation organization. 


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