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    Cert View authentication fails!!


      Hi, everyone


      I am not able to authenticate my CertView account. I tried to insert my Oracle Testing ID and email address, but now the page shows this error message:



      Third invalid attempt

      We are sorry, but we are still unable to verify your information. Your account has been referred to Oracle Certification Support for manual processing. You should expect to be contacted in 1 business day.

      Thank you for participating in the Oracle Certification Program. Please access our Help Center for additional information and assistance.


      Help center link is not working.

      Provided data was correct of course.
      I also tried to contact the customer service via email and phone number, but got no answer.

      Raised ticket : Ticket No. 180701-001646 : CertView Access


      What sould I do ? I have given 1Z0-808 exam on 1st July 2018 and could not see the results.

      I have received mail stating results are available on cert view.



      Supriya Patil

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          So, you did the exam on Sunday.  The message says you should expect to be contacted in 1 business day... So you should leave it until at least Tuesday before raising it as an issue.

          You've also raised a ticket... you need to wait to get a response from that.

          Why raise your issue on the public community too?  There's not much the public are going to be able to do to help, especially if you're not waiting for the official support channels to contact you.


          Give them a chance.

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            Brandye Barrington-Oracle


            Sorry for the frustration! I trust that the support team has resolved your issue and you were able to access your exam score?


            As a PSA for anyone else getting ready to take an exam, we strongly recommend authenticating your CertView account prior to taking your exams. That way, if you run into issues, you'll have time to sort everything out before you take your exam and you won't be delayed in getting your results.


            I know this must have been frustrating for you and I hope it's resolved now and you received good news about your exam!



            Brandye Barrington