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    Vision Demo Application for Hyperion Planning on prem from 2015 - any updates?


      Hyperion Planning and the vision demo was released in 2015 - is somebody aware of newer and free demo and training content ?:

      - is there any newer version of the vision demo application? I am not aware, that by installing patchsets on or by installing the release, I get an updated Vision demo? I would hope at least the data moved by 2 or 3 years into the future, some dashboards created ... (probably would take me a day to enhance the demo- however I hope that a newer LCM package is existing)

      - is there any documentation (word, pdf) on the vision demo application about the core features and the story?


      Background of my question is that the PBCS Vision demo is so much different meanwhile, when comparing the simplified interfaces. I am aware, that functional enhancements (Predictor, New dashboard technology, infolets) of PBCS can not be used in Planning, but would be good to now, if there is at least newer content for the vision demo available- maybe I simply missed it.


      If somebody has an idea and likes to share it?