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    Hyperion planning, Is it possible to make members read only based on rules or combinations of dimensions? (e.g Year and City)


      We have 7 dimensions in Hyperion planning and around 40 users accessing the database. One dimension is City (e.g. Berlin) and another is Year (e.g. 2017). I want all users to have read only permissions for certain combinations of Year and City. We have 400 cities so the less manual labour, the better. Berlin might be read only 2015-17, while another city e.g. Dublin might have read only 2011-2015, all other years should be write-able. Alternatively, the alternatve also works, that is to make it write-able only certain time periods and read only the rest.


      Is this possible to accomplish in a smart way? I only know of changing permissions based on a single dimension, which is a very broad brush.