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    Processing of JSON message through Oracle B2B


      Hi All,


      I would like to know whether oracle B2B is able to process JSON message as input/output for Inbound/outbound transactions. If anyone of you worked on JSON message flowing in B2B , please share the knowledge document at the earliest.



      Raja V

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          Martien van den Akker



          I think that it depends on which B2B Protocol you expect to use. Protocols like EDI or RossettaNet do have strict definitions on the payload.

          But ebXml or AS2 do not specify the payload, but would expect it to be (any) XML. Since JSON is in fact plain text, as XML is, you could package it in a simple xml element and send if via ebXML. But if you take a look at: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17904_01/user.1111/e10229/b2b_intro.htm#XBBUG1144

          Then you see that you could use Custom (non-XML) as a document protocol. If you combine that with HTTP as a transport protocol, I'd say it should transport JSON pretty well.


          I must say I'm a bit surprised by the question, since JSON is 'invented' to be used in REST services by lightweight service clients. All because SOAP is considered to be too heavy for mobile clients and JavaScript web-frontend clients. So I'd say that using B2B adds 'hazzle' to the communication, what feels paradoxical to me. But maybe I haven't thought it through properly.

          Could you elaborate on your usecase?