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    Hide column based on no data in another column - financial reporting web studio

    Teresa Modesta

      PBCS / Financial Reporting Web Studio


      I have a column in a report which is populated by Year / Scenario / Period - with year and scenario driven by variables which are not the same as all other columns in the report.


      When the column has no content I want to suppress.


      Okay - easy - using - Column Properties / Suppression / If Missing Suppress - right?



      But the bit I am struggling with is this column has two other calculated columns associated with it, Variance £, Variance %; and I want to suppress these when the main column is hidden.


      Any way to do this please?


      Column A - always populated


      Column B (&Repyear, &RepScenario, &RepMonth)


      Column C = Column A - Column B


      Column D = Column C / Column A as a %



      So Column B has Basic Option 'If Missing Suppress'


      How to make Column C / D disappear if Column B is suppressed??