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    12.0.6 OHS Error: "mod_ossl: Child could not open SSLMutex lockfile"

    Eric Z-Oracle



      On 12.0.6, user intermittently couldn't access EBS while the following errors showed up in the OHS log.


      error mod_ossl: Child could not open SSLMutex lockfile /u01/prod/inst/apps/PROD_xxxxx/logs/ora/10.1.3/Apache/ssl_mutex.14483976 (System error follows)

      error System: No such file or directory (errno: 2)


      The problem is not about any missing file, it is exactly the same as described in this note => HTTP Server Error "Child Could Not Open Sslmutex Lockfile" (Doc ID 562624.1)

      But the solution doesn't work on AIX, because the change "SSLMutex sem" in ssl.conf caused further error during OHS startup => SSLMutex: Semaphores not available on this platform


      I have searched everywhere, but still no answer, does anyone know anything about this?

      Any advice will be highly appreciated!