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    How to sync APPLTMP with UTL_FILE_DIR


      EBS 12.2.x


      Hi ALL,


      I can not understand what the docs is explaining


      EBS Docs requires to:

      Synchronize values of APPLPTMP with UTL_FILE_DIR for PL/SQL based Concurrent Requests (required).

      Concurrent Processing (CP) may run PL/SQL (inside of the database) that creates output and log files using the utl_file package.

      On all CP nodes, ensure that the $APPLPTMP environment variable on both the File Systems is set to the first directory listed in the UTL_FILE_DIR parameter from the database's init.ora


      How can the UTL_FILE_DIR in the database able to write folder that belongs to the apps Tier which is on another node?


      For example the value of APPLPTMP is:

      [apppsar@test01 ~]$ echo $APPLPTMP



      And the value of UTL_FILE_DIR is:

      SQL> show parameter utl_file_dir


      NAME                                 TYPE        VALUE

      ------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------

      utl_file_dir                         string      /usr/tmp, /tmp, /u02/orapsar/P


                                                       SAR_test01, /usr/tmp


      This means the above setup is not true? Since the first directory listed in the UTL_FILE_DIR =  /usr/tmp.



      Please shed lights....



      Kind regards,