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    formating single-row-view


      Hi Guys,

      we have database 12.1, apex 18.1 and apex listener(ords) 18.1.

      I have records with 60 columns. The "single-row-view" not able see all columns on page without scroll down.Can I format in interactive Grid report  "single-report-view" record with 3 columns in line?

      Most columns have short value.

      Thanks MB

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          John Snyders-Oracle

          Hi MB,

          Single row view is implemented with recordView widget. It has some options for putting fields side by side. See preview doc: https://docs.oracle.com/database/apex-18.1/AEXJS/recordView.html#fields

          fields property fieldColSpan. We use this in some of the IG dialogs such as Filters.

          The grid widget and recordView share the same column/field definitions so you can set the fieldColSpan with the following code in column attribute Advanced: JavaScript Initialization Code:


          function(config) {

              config.defaultGridColumnOptions = {

                  fieldColSpan: 4


              return config;



          You can add this to two or more fields and they will only span 4 columns and if the fields are next to each other then they will be put on the same layout row.

          There are a few issues that can get in the way. 1) The user can reorder the IG columns. This affects the order of fields in the single row view as well (should happen right away but doesn't the order is applied the next time the page is refreshed). 2) The user can hide some columns and then choose to see them or not in single row view. 3) Columns can be grouped and those groups could separate fields. The last issue you, as a developer, have control over. The first two the user can mess with the layout.



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            Thanks John,

            it is solved my problem