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    Rosario Vigilante


        Hello sorry if this isn't forum right





      in a situation like this below


      FMW on linux - called it : ser1

      Repository on other server and IP, - ser2

      db in production on other server-- ser3


      what happen if I want to change server2 (ser2) while ser1 and ser3 do not change 

      that is, ser2 : repository server is changed

      ser1 and ser3 don't change


      1) Do I have to delete repos and domain?

      2) Can I crave another repo that relies on the same repository?


      or what I have to do?



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          Are you talking about code repo ? Migration of code repo should not affect the domain.

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            Rosario Vigilante

            Thanks But I believe of Yes.



            Domain is on Repository!!


            My Best Regards

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              I think a FMW domain migration can be done using 'pack' and 'unpack' commands. You have to archive your current domain using 'pack' and store the archive file in some common storage area. Once you have changed the server 2, you can copy the archive to server 2 and 'unpack' the domain. Repositories can also be migrated by taking an export and importing it to the new one, the specific process is based on which repository you use.

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