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    Interactive Grid - Preserve Row Selection after page submit


      Dear All,


      I have master (for e.g. dept),  details (for e.g. employees) IGs. In master, I have disabled multi-select so it rendered as radio button.


      Now, If I select department-A, and then add/modify employees in details IG and click on custom "Save" button (page level button created by me, it submits the page), then after page reload, "selection" in master IG is not preserved. I think, this can be achieved in two steps


      1. Save "Master" row selection to hidden page item. This blog looks promising, but I have to try APEX by G: APEX 5.1 Master detail (with Interactive/Classic Detail Report)
      2. Set row as selected from hidden page item value. I did not get any clues how this can be done.


      Does anyone has any idea how step-2 can be achieved? Please suggest if there is a better way for achieving this. May be I am overlooking some out of the box IG options.


      Thank you very much in advance.